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Narrative No. 1  for piano
Op. 14 (2017)

My Narrative pieces depict stories in a very abstract sense. Instead of ascribing narrative events to specific musical ideas, I prefer to let listeners interpret their own meaning from my work. 

Narrative No. 1 for Piano is a multi-movement work generally depicting the story of a utopian society becoming affected by conflict in foreign lands. A young soldier is drafted to fight and is suddenly slain by a stray bullet, leading him to explore a purgatory in the second movement. Haunted by strange shades, the soldier eventually learns to cope with his new surroundings and begins an æternal celebration in the third and final movement. Thanks to Lu Witzig for the premiere of this work at the Fall 2017 ISU Music Factory Concert!

I. utopia, inaction, crossfire (Brian J Hinkley)
II. shades, thunder, depth (Lu Witzig)
III. ruckus, gregarious, æternal (Lu Witzig)

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