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Op. 12/30 (2016/2021) for flute, violin, electric guitar, horn, and baritone saxophone

Click here to view the score.

PARAPARAGON is a recomposition of an earlier work, Paragon, for band. The idea of Paragon is that of utilizing perfect 4th intervals instead of tonality's standard major 3rd. At the time, I thought I was being new and innovative - then I learned that a lot of composer have already explored this sound! Regardless, I'm proud of my work, and PARAPARAGON takes on the same form and harmonies. Given the drastically different ensemble size and sound, I recomposed each portion of the piece to showcase the strengths of this chamber ensemble. 

Premiered 11/13/2021 at Smith Memorial Hall in Urbana, IL by members of New Music Mosaic for their one- year anniversary concert: 

Matthew Reeder, flute

Haley Schriker, violin

Drew Farrar, electric guitar

Anna Marshall, horn

Jack Thorpe, baritone saxophone

Victor Rangel, guest conductor

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Premiere of PARAPARAGON, with introduction to the New Music Mosaic anniversary concert by Carolyn Borcherding. PARAPARAGON begins at 2:35.

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