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OP. 31 (2021) FOR SOLO PIANO

Click here to view the score.

Written for Robert Elfline

Piano Bits is both a serious work of art and a series of twists, turns, and rather disparate sounds collected into an unapologetic mosaic.

Movement titles were created by Cody Alexander Paul, who had no knowledge of the musical content within.

​I. Clockwise Anticipation

II. House of Glass

III. Diamonds Atop God's Fiddle

IV. Stasis in a Space Oasis

V. Prismatic Laughter

VI. Etchings of a Mad Horologist

VII. We Sit Atop a Grave of Lies

VIII. The End of the Black River

IX. Tears of a Witch's Daughter

X. Counterclockwise Anticipation

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