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Quartet SWT.CL
Op. 13 (2017) for string quartet

Quartet SWT.CL is a work designed to feature every member of a string quartet; in this recording, that quartet is the exceptionally talented Del Sol Quartet. Each part performs all four main components of the piece in turn: melody, cadenza, ostinato, and accompaniment. As such, four major sections are separated by four cadenzas, one from each member of the Del Sol Quartet, and for the finale, all four instruments condense into a 'Unison Cadenza' reminiscent of Messiaen's Quatuor pour la fin du temps.


Special thanks to Dr. Jacob Bancks for organizing this recording session and to Kellen M. for recording. Extra special thanks to the entire Del Sol Quartet for taking time out of their busy schedule to read and perform my and others' works. For more information about Del Sol, please visit

Click here to view the score.



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